Food with a Conscience

Strictly Pure

In our mania for purity, we are without peer. Few, if any, non-GMO sources are as thorough as Bluegrass Farms in testing and documenting grain. Along with our own tests and inspections, we use third party inspection for verification.

Only Natural

We’ve developed proprietary varieties and the kind of processing technologies that will never de-nature our soybeans. We will not destroy or disrupt the characteristic properties of this exceptional source of protein. That is why our customers place their trust in us.

Keep It Clean

To this point, we have done all the right things from Genetics, planting, growing, segregation, testing, harvesting and more. Now it is time to complete the process. We clean each and every bean, sort by size, shape, color and weight so we can provide our customers with the most uniform, IP, Non- GMO grain in the world.